SKIPPER Human Resources and
Labor Outsourcing

SKIPPER is a consultancy that has been operatind in the outsourced labor market and Human Resources solutions since 1995, offering its clients with unconditional support to let them focus exclusively on their core activities, using our solid infrastructure to serve them in their Human Resources.
We facilitate the operation of your company in Brazil, in accordance with the complex labor, financial, legal, tax laws of the country, providing focus on the operation and results of your business.


Conduct and maintain business projects.


Be a reference company in carrying out business projects and their permanent maintenance.


Neatness, cordiality, punctuality, commitment, quality, consistency, ethics, honesty, integrity, corporatism, permanent learning, innovation, uniformity and sociability.


Business Portfolio


Human Resources Solutions

The ideal servisse suited to your demand

Recruitment and Selection

We manage the Recruitment and Selection processes, searching and selecting candidates aligned with the

professional profile previously defined by the client, with a highly efficient resume database, where we map and identify the desired professional.

Training and Development – T&D

We promote T&D solutions through analytical studies to apply training programs focused on our clients needs.

We even developed tools for measuring results.

Staff Department Outsourcing

The payroll process is one of the most complex administrative routines to perform on a monthly basis, and for

some companies it is also a source of ongoing problems. Usually in conjunction with payroll processing, personnel and benefits administration activities are also outsourced.

Human Resources Consulting and Strategic Planning

By outsourcing these processes, HR Managers and staff can engage in internal routines management and

development activities that can directly impact the success of your business. One of the advantages of this service is reduced operating costs and efficiency in meeting your HR needs.

Course Development and Lectures

To meet this set of features, we at SKIPPER develop solutions that meet the needs of companies. The exercises,

cases and dynamics Courses developed are based on the reality of the organization. We prepare lectures whose themes are based on the contents of the training. With these practices we seek to promote the rapid absorption of applied concepts and their immediate transformation into actions that provide results for the company.

Temporary and Outsourced Labor

Temporary labor is a practical and inexpensive solution to meet the

transient need for replacement of regular and permanent staff or extraordinary addition of services.

SKIPPER meets all requirements and provisions in law 6019/74, with absolute regularity in tax and labor commitments. We are duly authorized by MTE- Ministry of Labor and Employment under nº 022316/220.

• Recruitment and selection without bureaucracy;
• Ad cost exemption;
• Personal and professional references;
• Collection of all social charges and taxes levied;
• Payroll administration to temporary workers in the workplace; and
• Permanent legal advice


We perform the process of identification, hiring and administration of professionals for a determined or indefinite period, through the CLT- Consolidation of Labor Laws regime. SKIPPER offers its clients, professionals and resources under its management to serve them in all segments of the job market.

• Quality and agility in the selection process;
• Reduction of work and controls, as SKIPPER is fully responsible for managing the contract with the worker;
• Transparency in the contractual relationship of rights and obligations: Your company knows exactly how much it will pay for the service, with clear statements of charges and severance pay due; and
• Permanent legal advice

Tidiness and Conservation

We undertake the process of hiring and managing qualified operating personnel to perform cleaning and maintenance

routines at the customer’s premises, under the supervision of a professional trained in the best cleaning techniques using the most appropriate products, equipment and PPE.

Disarmed Ordinance and Surveillance

We undertake the process of hiring and managing qualified operational personnel to perform unarmed

Concierge and Surveillance routines at the client’s premises, under the supervision of a professional trained in the best Property Security techniques and equipment.

Outsourcing to various segments of the labor market

We are qualified to meet the demands of hiring personnel with Health Professionals, Technicians and

Assistants, Civil Construction Engineers, IT Technicians and Administrators, Marketing and Communication, Commerce, Industry and Services in general. We also have several specialists for the Economic, Financial, Labor, Administrative, Legal, Accounting and Tax areas.


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